Privacy notice update

Read about the latest update to Victoria University of Wellington's privacy notice.

Like all organisations, Victoria University of Wellington needs to collect certain types of information to carry out its operations, functions, and activities. Without it, we may not be able to provide a high standard of services and benefits to you.

We have recently updated our privacy notice to give you a clearer idea of what we do with this information, why we sometimes need to use it, and what your rights are.

The updates clarify:

  • That collection of some personal information is necessary to ensure that we can comply with Government requirements and expectations (including as to societal and other outcomes and in relation to emergency and public health measures) or required under New Zealand law (including the Education Act 1989). Without your personal information, the University may not be able to enrol you as a student, employ you as a staff member, or provide services and benefits to you
  • That we may collect your image and/or voice through CCTV footage or recording our lectures and seminars.
  • That we collect the ’device ID‘ for any device used to connect to our system (e.g., when you log in to Wi-Fi provided by the University).
  • That we collect information about your location (including whether you are accessing our systems from on or off campus and your location on campus). We use location information to help us measure the extent to which our spaces on campus are used and provide you with a better student experience. We also intend to use this information to understand attendance at our lectures and tutorials and to be able to undertake contact tracing if needed for public health purposes.
  • That our staff will only have access to your personal information where they have a genuine need to do so for the purposes and legitimate interests for which the University collects personal information.
  • That we share information with My eQuals. This is necessary in order for you to use the My eQuals platform to receive your academic documentation and make that documentation available to persons of your choosing (such as employers).

The updated privacy notice is intended to ensure we continue to meet international privacy best practice.

We recommend that you read our new privacy notice, and if you have any questions or concerns contact