Lauren Bennett

Technology in the classroom: Exploring the lived experience of secondary students using activity theory

Lauren Bennett
Lauren Bennett, PhD student


Supervisors: Dr Janet Toland and Dr Bronwyn Howell

New Zealand Profile

Lauren's PhD study will ask how students actually use fast-fibre enabled technologies, given increased access to the internet provided by the fibre rollout. The purpose is to understand the here-and-now realties of fast-fibre in the classroom: what is it actually like and what are the consequences.


LLB, MIS; Victoria University of Wellington

Research interests

Lauren’s research interests are in the dynamic relationship between technologies and users, with particular emphasis on activities, structures, cultures, practices, and change, and how shifts in routines and practices alter the nature of learning and knowledge. The collective use of IS leads to examining the hierarchy of activity and the multiple yet different actions that comprise collective use. The multiplicity of causes leads to exploring the relationship between formal causes and material causes which are subsumed under the umbrella term sociomateriality. These research streams raise issues of ontology, emergence, and processuality. Lauren is interested in abduction and retroduction as modes of inference, and methodological issues surrounding the construction of knowledge.