Yevgeniya (Jane) Li

Co-evolution of social media crises.

A profile image of Yevgeniya (Jane) Li, PhD student.
Yevgeniya (Jane) Li, PhD student


Supervisors: Dr Jean-Gregoire Bernard and Dr Markus Luczak-Roesch

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Originally from Kazakhstan, Jane was working as a Project Manager at POSCO dealing with business investment and technology planning prior to starting her PhD studies at the School of Information Management.


Bachelor & Master of Engineering and Technology, Karaganda State Technical University, Kazakhstan; Master of International Management, Yonsei University, South Korea

Research interests

The emergence and rapid development of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter has significantly changed the ways people and organizations interact during crisis (e.g., so-called online firestorms) and how such crises occur. Fast spread of information through social networks generates large datasets that may provide unique opportunities for exploration of the crisis dynamics within institutional fields. Linking together methods from computational science with social research, this study conceptualizes social media crisis phenomenon and suggests a new approach to investigate its co-evolutionary dynamics from a field-theoretic perspective using social media data generated during crises. This research explores how social media crisis evolves through interactions of various actors in the field, how it can affect the actors and lead to field-level changes.

Jane’s research interests include information diffusion and virality, data computation, social computing, social media, crisis communication and management.