Talitakuum A.T. Ekandjo

Enterprise Intelligent Applications and Work Practices: An Exploratory Study

Talitakuum A.T. Ekandjo
Talitakuum A.T. Ekandjo, PhD student

Email: talitakuum.ekandjo@vuw.ac.nz

Supervisors: Dr Jocelyn Cranefield and Dr Yi-Te Chiu

Flag of Namibia Profile

Before embarking on her PhD journey, Talita worked for the Central Bank of Namibia as a Senior Business Analyst. Talita has a 3-year national diploma in Information Systems Administration specialising in Networking, an honours degree in Business Administration specialising in Banking and Finance, and a master’s degree in information systems. She is also a recipient of multiple professional and academic awards, including the Johnny Smoes Award for Excellence in Information Systems: Strategy & Governance, and the Melbourne School of Engineering Dean’s Honours List - 2017. Currently, Talita is a Victoria Doctoral Scholarship recipient, pursuing a PhD in Information Systems with a special focus on the effects of intelligent analytical technologies on work practices.


MIS (Distinction), The University of Melbourne, Australia; BBA (Hons), University of Namibia; Nat. Dip: IS Administration, Polytechnic of Namibia.

Research interests

Talita research interests include data analytics and artificial intelligence adoption and use in organisations, information privacy, digital transformation and future of work.


Ekandjo, T., Cranefield, J & Chiu, Y. (forthcoming). The Emergence of Perpetual Performance Management in the Workplace: Implications and a Research Agenda (accepted for The Australasian Conferences on Information Systems (ACIS2020)).

Ekandjo, T.A.T, Hussin, J & Peters, A. (2018). Online Social Networks Risks to Organisations: A Literature Review. In Proceedings of African Conference on Human Computer Interaction (AfriCHI ’18). ACM, Windhoek, Namibia.