Niloofar Solhjoo

Information experience of multispecies families

Niloofar Solhjoo
Niloofar Solhjoo, PhD student


Supervisors: Dr Maja Krtalić and Professor Anne Goulding


With an Information Science background, Niloofar Solhjoo is a young scholar from Iran passionate about companion animals. During her Master’s degree, she focused on pet health information seeking and health literacy intervention for pet guardians. Since 2018 Niloofar has voluntary worked with different groups in animal information field (e.g. the Association for Veterinary Informatics (AVI), and the International Conference of Animal Health Information Specialists (ICAHIS). In 2020, Niloofar started her PhD in Information Systems as a Victoria Doctoral Scholarship recipient in the School of Information Management. She is researching on Information Experience (IE) with special interests in the human-companion animal relationship and their everyday lives. Her PhD research proposal was awarded an Honorable Mention by the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) in 2022. As an added bonus Niloofar can do yoga and artistic swimming.


BA in Library and Information Science, Alzahra University, Iran; MA in Information Management, University of Tehran, Iran

Research interests

Niloofar’s research interests relating to her current project include information experience, everyday life information behaviour, embodiment, and multispecies methodology.

Selected publications

Solhjoo, N., Goulding, A., and Krtalic, M. (2022). Companion animal representation and voice in information behavior researchLibrary & Information Science Research (Special issue).

Solhjoo, N., Krtalić, M., & Goulding, A. (2022). 'I learn each day.' The informational lifeworld of dog and cat guardians in New Zealand. In Proceedings of ISIC: the information behaviour conference, Berlin, Germany, 26-29 September 2022. Information Research, 27(Special issue), isic2205.

Solhjoo, N. (2022). “I can tell he is in a good mood.” Embodied aspects of information in human-animal relationship. In Proceedings of CoLIS, the 11th. International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, Oslo, Norway, May 29 - June 1, 2022. Information Research, 27(Special issue), paper colis2222.

Solhjoo, N (2022). Using the Pet Health Information Behaviour Intervention model should make information prescriptions for pet guardians more effective. Health Information & Libraries Journal.1-17

Solhjoo, N. (2022). Crossing the border between human and non-human in information science. Best poster in Information Science Trends 2022: Untold Stories in Information Science (IST), ASIS&T European Chapter Series. Online.

Solhjoo, N., Krtalic, M. and Goulding, A. (2022). Pets and people: information experiences in multispecies familiesJournal of Documentation, 78 (5), 1092-1108.

Solhjoo, N. (2021). Information behavior studies to improve companion animal welfare. Guest lecture, Proceedings of the Virtual Talbot Veterinary Informatics Symposium, August 2021, online.

Solhjoo, N. (2020). Owner-pet and veterinarian-client relationships and successful information interventions. Presented at the 17th European Association of Health Information and Libraries conference, Łódź, Poland.