Julia Dakova

Measuring the value of information flows.

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Julia Dakova, PhD student

Email: Julia.Dakova@vuw.ac.nz

Supervisors: Associate Professor Pedro Antunes and Dr Yi-Te Chiu

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During her studies Julia had an opportunity to broaden her knowledge at the University of Vaasa, Finland, as an exchange student at the Department of Industrial Management. Under the supervision of recognized professors, she started to work on her Master's thesis entitled ‘Simulation of a Manufacturing Process in a specific company using software Tecnomatix Plant Simulation’, which she successfully defended after returning to her home university in Slovakia in 2015. Julia became a PhD student at the School of Information Management in January 2017.


Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering in Industrial Logistics; Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

Research interests

Julia's research interests span a variety of areas including Supply Chain Management, Information System Management, Business Process Modeling, Knowledge Management and Information Flow Modeling.