Digital Transformation and Innovation research group

We research how digital technologies enable innovation through the transformation of processes, culture and relationships in the private and public sectors.

Digital transformation refers to the integration of digital technologies into how we work and live. Government, businesses and 3rd sector organisations are exploring and exploiting new digital technologies to change how they operate and to increase customer interaction and collaboration. This brings huge opportunities to innovate to add value and competitive advantage as well as reshape customer relations. It also raises challenges related to the management of complex organisational and cultural change.

In addition, the ways in which people seek for, use and interact with information in their professional and personal lives have undergone digital transformation. We are also interested in exploring the digital development of society and the social impact of technologies including on those left behind by digital transformation.

Key questions we are addressing include:

  • How are digital technologies changing organisational processes, practices and cultures?
  • What characterises organisations that succeed with driving change through digital innovation?
  • What are the barriers blocking digital transformation?
  • What does digital transformation mean for the future of work and organisations?
  • What are the most effective project management techniques e.g. agile to enable digital transformation?
  • How do we evaluate the impact of the digitisation of organisational processes and services?
  • How are digital technologies affecting individual and group behaviour and what does this mean for human relationships?
  • How can we address persistent digital exclusion issues in society?

We organise the GLAMR Wellington Meetup that connects professionals working in galleries, libraries, archives, museums and records management in Wellington.

Group members

Meet the staff and postgraduate students involved with the Digital Transformation and Innovation research group.