Digital Learning research group

The digital learning research investigates the effectiveness and interrelationship between all entities of learning in every teaching and learning context.

Organisations, schools and universities are increasingly using digital technologies for training and learning. To understand, formulate and advance our knowledge on the effective use of digital innovation in educational context, the digital learning research group investigates the adoption and use of innovation with digital technologies.

Our areas of interest include:

  • Immersive Learning Environments
  • Artificial Intelligence In Education
  • Higher Education and Executive Education
  • Professional Development
  • Citizen Science
  • Micro-credentials for Lifelong Learning
  • Education Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics
  • Blockchain In Education
  • Digital storytelling
  • Emotion and Sentiment Computing In Preschool
  • Threshold Concept and Theory
  • Transition To Post Graduate
  • Gamification
  • Learning Space
  • Writing Analytics
  • Teaching Case
  • Technology In The Classroom

The research group also involves the practice of teaching information studies, information systems and management, the use of technology and learning platform to support teaching and learning and analysis of educational data. The group provides scholarships for potential PhD students. Current and future research projects are listed below.

Current projects

Explore some of our current research projects:

Group members

Meet the staff and postgraduate students involved with the Digital Learning research group.