Data Science and related systems and processes research group

We focus on data, the systems used to capture, store, process, and leverage it, and the analytical processes used to generate information and insights.

We are also interested in who is using what data for what purpose and the consequences of that usage as well as how capable individuals and organisations are of understanding the potential benefits and risks associated with different data science applications and making direct use of data themselves.

The modern world runs on data. From the time we wake up and check the weather or social media on our phone until the time we turn off Netflix or put down an e-book we are generating data. Organisations of all types also generate a lot of data, and an increasing number make use of data to do everything from targeting advertising to tracking customer preferences to managing inventory to invoicing and accounting.

Given the ubiquity of data in our lives, it’s important that we understand how to maximise its benefits through use of the most efficient and effective combinations of data, information systems and analytical processes. Problems ranging from fake news to data breaches to biased algorithms make it clear that it’s equally important that we identify potential data science hazards and eliminate or mitigate them.

We believe the importance of these issues extends well beyond the data scientists using the latest machine learning algorithms to people working in many occupations who need to use data to make decisions, convey information, or execute tasks. It also extends to citizens and consumers whose lives are affected by data science and related systems in ways they may not even realise.

We organise the Data-Driven Wellington Meetup group, and welcome new members and offers to present to that group.

Current projects

Some of our current research projects include:

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