Dr Mary-Ellen Gordon

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Senior Lecturer School of Information Management

Research interests

Data capabilities, use of data by organisations, analytics, marketing technology, and survey-based recommendation systems


Mary Ellen returned to academia after a long period working in applied research - and data-related roles, including:

  • Founding and leading the team that implements Apple-branded surveys to support marketing of Apple products world-wide.
  • Heading research at Flurry, where she mined insights from app analytics data collected from more than a billion smartphones and tablets each month.
  • Dissecting data coming from a variety of third-party data sources for Apple’s iAd group.
  • Founding and leading organisations that provided research and analytics consulting (Market Truths), data-driven content marketing (Story in the Data), and data training services (Analytics for Us).

Mary Ellen particularly enjoys connecting theory and practice and bridging the gap between decision makers and people who are deep in the weeds of an organisation’s data. She is a technology enthusiast, being an early adopter of Web surveys (starting in 1995), online education (starting teaching online in 2000), and conducting research in virtual worlds (starting in 2006, see: https://rwconnect.esomar.org/avatar-analytics/).


MBA and BSc, Babson; PhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Mary Ellen leads one research programme measuring how private, public, and non-profit organisations use data and how that affects their performance. She also leads another investigating whether use of data visualisations set in a video-game like environment improve learning of basic statistical and analytical concepts compared to using traditional charts and graphs and whether that effect is stronger among people with math anxiety. She is also working on research about how marketing and technology are influencing one another (see: https://www.acis2017.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/ACIS2017_paper_150_RIP.pdf) and on survey-based recommendation systems. Mary Ellen is also a member of the New Zealand World IT project team.

Examples of her previous applied research include: