Dr Jennifer Campbell-Meier

Teaching in 2020


Jennifer joined the School of Information Management in 2014. She holds a Master of Library Science degree from Indiana University (1995) and a Ph.D. in Communication and Information Sciences from the University of Hawai’i (2008). Jennifer has taught classes in information services, project management and technology at the University of Hawai’i, the University of British Columbia and the University of Alabama. She is teaching INFO 523 Information Access and Use and INFO 544 Online Searching. In both classes, Jennifer draws on her experiences as an academic and solo librarian and discusses the role of theory in practice in information organisations.

Jennifer’s main area of research is the management and evaluation of library services, especially those services involving organisational change. Recently this focus has led to research on the development of institutional repositories in academic libraries as well as research identifying community needs for state library agency planning in Alabama.


BA, MLS, Indiana; PhD, Hawaii

Administrative responsibilities

Member of the School of Information Management Human Ethics Committee

Current research

Expanding her research on institutional repository development, Jennifer is examining issues related to use and evaluation digital collections. Her other research interests relate to LIS professional development and identity. She is also interested in information seeking within other disciplines, examining what information and technology individuals need in specific environments.

Selected publications

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Teaching in 2020