Distinguished Visitor to SIM appointed to Prestigious Editorial Position

Professor Fred Niederman appointed to Prestigious Editorial Position

Fred Niederman

Professor Fred Niederman, who visited SIM in February, has been appointed as the new editor-in-chief of the Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS) journal, starting in June. Fred is currently the Shaughnessy Endowed Professor at Saint Louis University. He  is a senior editor for the Journal of AIS and as a Department Editor for ICT for the Project Management Journal.  He also serves on the editorial boards for the DATABASE for advances in MIS, AIS Transactions on Replication Research, Human Resource Management, and Journal of International Management.  He has published peer reviewed studies in top journals including MIS Quarterly, Journal of AIS, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, and Journal of MIS. His areas of research interest include: IS personnel, IS project management, philosophy of science applied to IS, qualitative IS research methods, effects on IS of mergers and acquisitions, global IS, and group collaboration and teams.

CAIS publishes articles on a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to regular research papers, debates, panel discussions, and other topics. It has a proud tradition of publishing novel, original and ground-breaking research, methodological essays and guidelines, important lively debates about research practices, and is also the only dedicated AIS outlet that publishes matters and studies related to IS pedagogy. Two SIM staff, A/P Mary Tate, and Dr Jean-Gregoire Bernard, are currently on the editorial board.

Through our distinguished visitor scheme, SIM is engaging with the senior leadership of the global information systems research community. Fred’s visit added a lot of value to the staff and research students at SIM, and we look forward to welcoming more high-profile visitors in the future.