Events 2015

Seminar:  17 November 2015

Speaker: Professor Jonathan Boston, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington

Title: Governing for the future: Assessing the constitutional, institutional and policy options to protect the interests of future generations


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Presentation slides (PDF 145KB)


Seminar:  22 October 2015

Speaker: Nigel Taptiklis, Senior Policy Advisor, Wellington City Council

Title: Bridging the Implementation Gap


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Presentation slides (PDF 6934KB)

Seminar: 20 August 2015

Speaker: Dr Abha Sood, NIWA Climate Scientist, Climate Variability Group, Greta Point, Wellington

Title: New Zealand’s changing climate Where are we heading in the next 100 years?


Seminar Flyer (PDF 237KB)

Seminar: 6 August 2015

Speaker: Judy Lawrence Adjunct Research Fellow, NZCCRI

Title: Flexible decision making for uncertainty and dynamic climate change: a New Zealand/Netherlands decision ‘experiment’


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Presentation slides (PDF 3457KB)

Free Public Screening: 17 June 2015

Title: "Recipes for Disaster" by John Webster

Q & A round with Prof. James Renwick, Chairman of the Royal Society NZ Climate Expert Panel

Moderator: Dr. Dave Lowe

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Seminar: 5 May 2015

Speaker: Emeritus Professor Mary Ritter, Imperial College London

Title: Climate-KIC: innovating for a low carbon economy and climate resilience


Seminar: 17 February 2015

Public Seminar co-hosted by Motu, the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre and the New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute

Speaker: Stephane De Cara, French National Institute for Agricultural Research, and Andy Reisinger, New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre

Title: Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agriculture: Potential, Abatement Costs, and Implications for the Cost-Effectiveness of Policy Instruments


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Seminar: 10 February 2015

Speaker: Professor Warren E. Walker, faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology

Title: Dynamic Adaptive Policymaking: An Approach to Planning Under Deep Uncertainty


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Seminar: 15 January 2015

Speaker: Dr Manoj Joshi, School of Environmental Science, University of East Anglia, UK

Title: Astrobiology, habitability, and the climates of planets orbiting red dwarf stars


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