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We engage with the public in various ways: interviews and opinion pieces in the media, providing educational resources as well as organising and participating in public events.

Media Articles


Prof James Renwick: "James Renwick: Climate Change deniers' arguments are 'fact-free'",, 19 July 2019

Dr. Judy Lawrence: "New Zealand needs transformational change for a changing climate",, 03 May 2019

Prof David Frame: "Strike if you like, but then go do what really matters: maths and physics",, 15 March 2019

Prof James Renwick: "James Renwick: One simple thing you can do to tackle climate change",, 22 December 2018

Prof David Frame: "Understanding climate risks makes us all less vulnerable",, 18 April 2017


Prof David Frame: "The Zero Carbon bill is a positive step",, 08 May 2019

News Reports

Brittney Deguara: "'The clock is ticking': Less talk, more action needed in the race against climate change", 04 November 2019

MD Arif Hasan and A/Prof Ralph Chapman: "Climate Explained: The carbon footprint of electric versus fossil cars",, 16 October 2019

Prof James Renwick: "James Renwick: Debunking common climate change myths",,nz, 04 October 2019

A/Prof Ralph Chapman: "Climate: Explained: Why we need to cut emissions as well as prepare for impacts",, 21 August 2019

Felix Desmarais, Matthew Tso and Nicholas Boyack "Councils declare climate emergencies, but will it result in any real change?",, 28 June 2019

Jamie Morton: "James Renwick: Dauntless hope in the face of a climate catastrophe",, 12 March 2019

Nikki Macdonald: "James Renwick, climate detective",, 02 November 2019

Eloise Gibson: "What's the beef with methane?",, 28 November 2018

Emily Heyward: "Climate change to make king tides more common - scientist",, 27 February 2018

Educational Resources

Adapting to Climate Change in New Zealand, May 2018

This second and final report contains recommendations from the Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group, co-chaired by Dr. Judy Lawrence in CCRI.

Climate Futures: Pathways for Society, 2011

This book is a compilation of the presentations and dialogue from the Climate Futures Forum, a two-day conference held in March 2011.

Andy Reisinger, Climate Change 101: An educational resource, 2009

This book is intended as an educational resource for anyone seeking a robust scientific overview of the complex and interdisciplinary challenge that climate change represents for the global community.


Summary of the Assessment Process of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an invited presentation to the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme Review Committee by the New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington, February 2009.

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