About the Climate Change Research Institute

The New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute (CCRI) was established in 2008 by Victoria University of Wellington to develop interdisciplinary research into all aspects of climate change. The Institute is a founding member of the New Zealand Climate Change Centre.

We are a small team of researchers and policy thinkers who work at the interface between climate change science and the decisions people have to make about climate change. We do high quality academic research into climate change issues, and we aim to choose research topics of real interest to decision makers in New Zealand and elsewhere. We work with world class researchers to better understand and inform the decisions real people are facing regarding climate change.

We develop, disseminate and discuss interdisciplinary climate change research, with a particular emphasis on work that spans the natural and social sciences.

To do this, we draw on the skills and experience high quality researchers in New Zealand and abroad to produce collaborative research that is of international scholarly significance, as well as domestic and international policy relevance.

We work closely with New Zealand’s Crown Research Institutes, universities and other research organisations to help people govern, anticipate, mitigate, and adapt to climate change.

Our aim is to produce high quality as well as decision-relevant research on climate change, and to deliver this to private and public sector decision makers.