Simon Barker

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

Research Interests

My research interests include volcanology, geochemistry and petrology, and the development of novel techniques to study magmatic systems and the timing and impact of large explosive volcanic eruptions on the environment, climate, and humans. I use field volcanology combined with forensic geochemistry to investigate how magmas are generated and stored in the Earth's crust, the processes that trigger volcanic eruptions and their associated timescales, and the impacts of past eruptions on Earth's climate and landscape.


  • PhD in Geology - Victoria University of Wellington (2014)
  • MSc with Distinction in Geology - Victoria University of Wellington (2011)
  • BSc with Honours in Geology - University of Auckland (2009)

Current Research Projects

  • Understanding ashfall from future eruptions of Taupo supervolcano (funded by EQC biennial grant) (PI)
  • Melt inclusions as a 'window' through the crust: What drives the most productive region of silicic volcanism on Earth? (funded by an Marsden Fast-Start) (PI)
  • Opening Nature's vaults: Speleothem archives of volcanic eruptions (funded by a Marsden grant) (AI)
  • Speleothems as a new paleo-seismic tool for New Zealand (funded by an MBIE Smart Idea) (AI)
  • Understanding and being resilient to Supervolcanoes (ECLIPSE Project) (funded by an MBIE Research Programme) (AI)
  • Submarine volcanism in various regions including the Kermadec arc, Tonga, Azores–Canary Islands and South Shetland Islands (partly funded by Spanish Ministry for Science and Technology as AI)

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