Jim Mcgregor

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Senior Lecturer School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences


Teaching in 2020

Research interests

Weather, Meteorology, MetVUW weather website, satellite meteorology, weather prediction

Dr James (Jim) McGregor is a meteorologist working in global weather model verification and region climate studies. His research focuses on:

  • precipitation forecasting using global and mesoscale numerical weather models;
  • application of ensemble models to probablistic precipitation forecasting;
  • dynamical downscaling using weather and research forecast (WRF) model, and;
  • satellite meteorology.


  • PhD in Atmospheric Physics and Satellite Meteorology- Heriot-Watt University (1976)
  • MSc in Experimental Space Physics - University of Leicester (1973)
  • BSc with Honours in Applied Physics - University of Hull
  • Diploma of Applied Physics - University of Hull (1972)

Recent Publications

Recent publications


Teaching in 2020