Cliff Atkins

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Programme Director – Earth Sciences School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences


Teaching in 2020


  • PhD in Antarctic Sedimentology - Victoria University of Wellington (2003)
  • BSc with First Class Hons in Geology - Victoria University of Wellington (1995)
  • BSc in Geology - Victoria University of Wellington (1994)


Publications from 1998 - Now

Research Interests

My primary research theme is understanding sedimentary processes and environments. Recent focus has been on:

  • Polar aeolian sediment distribution, analysis of polar glaciomarine drillcores, terrestrial cold-based glaciers and the interaction with the landscape;
  • Interpreting marine and terrestrial depositional environments from Paleogene to Quaternary sedimentary rocks in the East Coast of New Zealand.

Recent Projects

2014 - 2015

Post Glacial Climate History from the Deep Fault Drilling Project, Westland, New Zealand.

2008 - Ongoing

  • Aeolian Dust Distribution in the SW Ross Sea. Part of the ‘Modern Processes’ component of the Past Antarctic Climates/ANDRILL program. I led expeditions to Antarctica in 2010/11 and 2011/12;
  • Numerous student research projects related to interpreting depositional environments and geological history from sedimentary strata in the Wairarapa and offshore Taranaki and Canterbury basins.

2006 - 2009

ANDRILL Project: A Multinational Project Recovering Sedimentary Strata in the McMurdo Sound Area, Antarctica.


Teaching in 2020