Bethanna Jackson

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Geography School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences


Teaching in 2020


  • PhD in Hydrogeochemical Modelling - Imperial College, London (2007)
  • MSc in Applied Mathematics - University of Auckland (2000)
  • BSc in Mathematics and Physics - University of Auckland (1998)

Research Interests

My research addresses the impact of land management and climate change on multiple ecosystem services, including flood risk, agricultural productivity, water quality, biodiversity, erosion, cultural services, green-house gas emissions, and amenity/socio-economic impacts. I specialise in predicting changes in system response at multiple spatial scales and temporal scales, in disentangling the complex relationships between data, models and process understanding, and in exploring ways to effectively visualise and promote information exchange between scientists and stakeholders with local knowledge and requirements.

I am the lead scientist and developer of the land management decision support framework and associated software package “LUCI”. LUCI considers impacts of changes in land management on a variety of individual ecosystem services, and also identifies where trade-offs or co-benefits exist. The LUCI model is being used in a range of projects in NZ and the UK. More information on LUCI can be found here.

Other key interests are integration of environmental science concepts and models with information theory and signal processing, and development of real-time flow forecasting models incorporating meteorological forecasts and physically constrained data assimilation.


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Teaching in 2020