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Lecturer School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences


Teaching in 2020

Research Interests

My research interests lie in two separate, though related, fields of paleoecology. First, I use biotic and abiotic proxies preserved in lake sediments to reconstruct past environments of sites located within the mid-latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere. My particular expertise is with the Chironomidae (Class: Insecta, Order: Diptera); non-biting midges who's lifecycle is highly dependent on temperature. In terms of time frames, I am chiefly interested in the manifestation of the Last Glacial Maximum in the Australasian region, along with the events that characterise the last deglaciation (~20 to 10 thousand years ago). However, the quality of these reconstructions is highly dependent on the underlying numerical methods.

My second research stream focuses on building quantitative models from biological proxies and evaluating the trustworthiness of reconstructions derived from these models. Numerically, several questions remain regarding the reliability of quantitative paleoecology. For instance, how do artefacts like spatial autocorrelation affect modern calibration sets? How do environment-organism relationships statistically vary throughout a 20 thousand year lake sediment record? These are among a few questions driving my research.


  • PhD in Palaeoecology - University of New Brunswick (2013)
  • BSc with First Class Honours in Biology - University of New Brunswick (2005)
  • BA with First Class Honours in Philosophy - University of New Brunswick (2005)


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Teaching in 2020