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  • A protestor holds a sign that reads, the climate is changing so should we, #actnow.

    What caused major climate change in the past?

    Professor James Renwick explains what caused high levels of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere in the past, before the burning of fossil fuels and the contribution of other human sources of carbon dioxide.

  • Films on researchers highlight why expertise matters

    A new documentary film series highlights the work of three leading New Zealand researchers as they dedicate their lives to illuminating and protecting different aspects of one of our most precious resources—water.

  • An image of a flooded roadway with stranded cars.

    Adapting to climate change impacts

    How do we avoid the worst possible climate change scenario? New research led by Te Herenga Waka– Victoria University of Wellington’s Dr Judy Lawrence suggests a new method, starting with the future we wish to avoid and working backwards to identify the steps we need to take, and under what conditions we need to take them, to avoid that future.