Maintanence on the Temporal Anisotropy Deployment at Ruapehu' (TADAR)

Recently we saw a brief increase of temperature in Mount Ruapehu’s crater lake.

Martha Savage and Adrian Shelly performed routine maintenance and data collection on the  'Temporal Anisotropy Deployment at Ruapehu' (TADAR).

TADAR is a collection of seismometers that have been positioned around Ruapehu since January 2008.  The purpose of TADAR is to further the understanding of changing seismic anisotropy in the upper crust and its link to volcanic activity.

Currently, there are five Sercel L4 short period seismometers and three component seismometers positioned near Waiouru, south of the summit.   These need to be visited several times a year to refresh the memory cards, check their operation and batteries.