Publications by Russell Campbell

Authored book

Campbell R D, Observations: Studies in New Zealand Documentary (Wellington, Victoria University Press, 2011), 260pp.

Campbell R D, Marked Women: Prostitutes and Prostitution in the Cinema (Madison, University of Wisconsin Press, 2006), 450pp.

Edited book

Campbell R D, The best of clapperboard (Wellington, Friends of the Film Archive, 2005), 60pp.

Chapter in book

Campbell R D, 'System Overload: The Anarchist Rebel in William Keddell's The Maintenance of Silence', in Arena I: Anarchist Film and Video, edited by Richard Porton (Oakland, CA, PM Press and Hastings: Christie Books, 2009), pp. 129-140.

Campbell R D, 'The Kiwi Bloke: The Representation of Pakeha Masculinity in New Zealand Film', in Contemporary New Zealand Cinema: From New Wave to Blockbuster, edited by Ian Conrich and Stuart Murray (London and New York, I.B. Tauris, 2008), pp. 211-224.

Dictionary and encyclopaedia entries

Campbell R D, 'Cecil William Holmes', in The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, 1941-1960, edited by Claudia Orange (Auckland & Wellington, Auckland University Press and Department of Internal Affairs, 2000), 5, pp. 232-233.

Journal contribution - research article

Campbell R, 'Digital veteran: an interview with Campbell Walker', Illusions, 39, Winter (2007), pp. 18-23.

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Journal contribution - other

Campbell R D, 'Towards a Digital Aesthetic: Why Can't I Stop This Uncontrollable Dancing and I Think I'm Going', Illusions, Winter, 35 (2003), pp. 21-23.

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Journal contribution - book review

Campbell R D, '"Long Shot" - Review of Duncan Petrie, Shot in New Zealand: The Art and Craft of the Kiwi Cinematographer', New Zealand Books Review, December (2008).

Campbell R D, 'Review of Faking It: Mock-documentary and the Subversion of Factuality by Jane Roscoe and Craig Hight', Illusions, 34 (2002), pp. 44-46.

Campbell R D, 'Review of Graham Roberts, Forward Soviet! History and Non-fiction Film in the USSR', New Zealand Slavonic Journal (2000), pp. 281-282.

Conference unpublished paper contribution

Campbell R D, 'The Ideological Landscape: Frontier of Dreams', Film & History Conference, Monash University/RMIT University (Melbourne, November 2006).

Campbell R D, 'Our people our century: populist history', Film and History Conference (Canberra, December 2004).

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Campbell R D, 'Documentary and Poetry', New Zealand Documentary Sites Conference (Auckland, September 2000).

Campbell R D, 'From Beverly Hills to Hollywood Boulevard: the Locus of Prostitution in L.A. Movies', Film and History Conference (Wellington, 30 November - 3 December 2000).

Film/Video - research

Campbell R D, (Co-writer), Make a Joyful Noise (Wellington, Plumb Productions, in development, 1999).

Campbell R D, (Script Consultant), 'Balibo' (Australia, Robert Connolly, 2009).

Campbell R D, (writer/producer/director), 'Sisters from Siberia' (Wellington, Russell Campbell, 2009).

Campbell R D, (Writer, producer, director and co-editor), 'Sedition: the suppression of dissent in World War II New Zealand' (Wellington, Dr Russell D. Campbell, 2005), Video Documentary.

PBRF other

Campbell R D, Patu!, Bill Gosden, Telecom 2006 New Zealand International Film Festivals Souvenir Programme (New Zealand Film Festival Trust, Wellington, 2006), 2pp.

Campbell R D, The Archive Project, Bill Gosden, Telecom 2006 New Zealand International Film Festivals Souvenir Programme (New Zealand Film Festival Trust, Wellington, 2006), 1pp.

Campbell R D, The Monkey's mask; Wild Blue; Rain; Crooked Earth; The Bank; 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous; River Queen; In a Land of Plenty, Great Maiden's Blush; A Cure for Being Human; Jandamarra; Te Tokelau, Three Dollars; One Night Out Stealing; Blind Man's Bluff; Marilyn Monroe's Cuban Missile Crisis; Therese Raquin; Petrolheads; Cry of the Banyan Tree; Blue Rose; Grendel; Script assessment/consultation (Various producers, New Zealand, Australia and USA, 1999-2005) Feature Films and Documentaries.