Joost de Bruin

Associate Dean (Academic Programmes)
Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Teaching in 2020


MA Amsterdam
PhD Amsterdam

Current research projects

  • television format adaptation
  • migrant cultures and media
  • indigenous media and language
  • soap opera audiences
  • media, Power and Place
  • reception of The Hobbit
  • online news consumption.

Television format adaptation and the Idols format: I have published several articles about the adaptation of global formats into local programmes based on textual analysis, interviews with producers and interviews with audiences, culminating in an edited volume on the Idols format.

Migrant cultures, polymedia and mediatisation: I have conducted ethnographic studies with New Zealand migrants in Australia and Dutch migrants in Aotearoa / New Zealand, using the concepts of polymedia and mediatisation to interpret the findings of those studies.

Indigenous media and language learning: In collaboration with the Mangamuka based Māori radio station Tautoko FM and a research team consisting of Dr Jo Mane, Cyril Chapman, Hori Chapman and Te Atawhai Kumar, I have worked on an audience study that analyses how Māori media can support learners of te reo Māori.

Soap opera audiences and cross-cultural consumption: Together with students in the course MDIA 208 Media Audiences I have conducted an interview study about the popularity of the soap opera Shortland Street with New Zealand audiences. More recently, I have interviewed Shortland Street viewers in Fiji.

Edited volume on Media, Power and Place: Prof Divya McMillin from The University of Washington, Tacoma, my Victoria University of Wellington colleague Dr Jo Smith and I are working on an edited volume titled Media, Power and Place.

Reception of The Hobbit in Aotearoa / New Zealand. The Hobbit Research Project is a worldwide audience study in which researchers from 46 countries collaborate. Dr Lauren Anderson and I are the New Zealand representatives.

Online news consumption and cultural identity. With students in the course MDIA 310 Cultural Identity I am working on an interview project on online news consumption and cultural identity. This project takes place over the course of 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Areas of supervision

  • television format adaptation
  • young people and media
  • migrant cultures and media
  • minority language media
  • global media audiences
  • media and notions of place.

Selection of publications

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