Thoa Thi Thu Hoang

Essays on Economics of Disasters

Thoa Thi Thu Hoang, PhD student in Economics
Thoa Thi Thu Hoang, PhD student in Economics


Supervisor: Professor Ilan Noy


Thoa is a PhD student in Economics at Wellington School of Business and Government, focusing on disaster risk management including flood insurance and social capital. Prior to her doctoral research, Thoa has worked as an economics and management lecturer at Thuy Loi University (TLU), Vietnam since 2010.

Thoa is a recipient of a PhD scholarship from the Chair of the Economics of Disasters at Victoria University of Wellington. Other academic awards include a Master’s degree scholarship from the Government of the Italian Republic.


BSc in International Business Administration (Honours), Foreign Trade University, Hanoi, Vietnam
MSc in Management, University of Brescia, Brescia, Italia

Research interests

Risk management, flood insurance, property market, social capitals.