Quy Ta

China’s International Reserves and the Role of China to Developing Countries

Quy Ta
Quy Ta, PhD student in Economics
Email: quy.ta@vuw.ac.nz

Supervisor: Professor Yothin Jinjarak and Professor Ilan Noy


Quy’s PhD research topic focuses on the reserves accumulations of China and increasing role of China to developing countries, especially its trading partners. Besides, he also intends to examine the rationale for counties to sign currency swap agreements in recent decades. Prior to his arrival in New Zealand, Quy worked for the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV).  He participated in some research projects hosted by SBV, i.e. the ministry-level research “The Internationalization Process of Renminbi and Policy Recommendations for Vietnam” in 2013, the state-level research “Remittances for socia-economic Development in Vietnam” in 2017, the ministry-level research “Dollarization in Vietnam: Practice and Policy Orientations toward 2030” in 2018.


BSc (External Economics), Foreign Trade University, Vietnam

MA (Policy Economics), Williams College, USA

Research interests

International reserves, currency swaps, monetary economics, international trade, development economics