Minh Nam Ngo

International trade, foreign direct investment and inequality

Minh Nam Ngo, PhD student in Economics
Minh Nam Ngo, PhD student in Economics

Email: Nam.Ngo@vuw.ac.nz

Supervisor: Professor Yothin Jinjarak


Nam’s PhD research topic focuses on the effect of international trade and FDI on income inequality. Besides, he also intends to examine the role of vocational education in shortening the wage gap between high-skilled and low-skilled workers. His research is funded by the Victoria Doctoral Scholarship. Prior to joining Victoria University of Wellington, Nam worked as an economics lecturer at Vietnam National University. In July 2018, he will join the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as a summer intern, working on ADB’s quantitative models in risk and capital management.


BSc (Mathematics and Economics), University of Leicester, UK
MSc (Economics), University of Warwick, UK

Research interests

International economics, Asian countries development, Economics of education