Jacob Pastor Paz

Earthquake and flooding risk in New Zealand

Jacob Pastor-Paz, PhD student in Economics
Jacob Pastor-Paz, PhD student in Economics

Email: Jacob.PastorPaz@vuw.ac.nz

Supervisor: Professor Ilan Noy


Jacob is an economist with experience in the production and analysis of statistical and geospatial (GIS) data. Jacob has worked for National Institutes of Statistics and Geography of different countries, and for international organizations as a research analyst or consultant. Currently, he works on flood risk, insurance, climate change and housing markets in New Zealand.

Prior to commencing his PhD, Jacob worked as a research analyst of seismic risk, remote sensing and cartography at the National Institute of Geography of Ecuador. Other previous professional experiences include a research analyst position at the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and stints at the National Institutes of Statistics of Peru, Uruguay and Ecuador as a consultant for the Organisation for the Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Major achievements include the implementation of the National Archive of Statistical Data and Metadata of Ecuador (ANDA), statistical legislation and technical regulation, and the active participation as a risk analyst during the crisis arising from the 7.8mw earthquake that struck Ecuador in 2016.

Jacob is a recipient of a PhD scholarship from the Chair of the Economics of Disasters at Victoria University of Wellington. Other academic awards include a Master’s degree scholarship from the Secretary of Science and Technology (SENESCYT), and scholarships awarded by Statistics Ecuador to attend capacity building events in Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, and Colombia.


Bachelor Degree in Economics and Public Policy, Catholic University, Ecuador (2010)

Master of Science in Geoinformation Technology and Cartography, University of Glasgow, UK 2013-2014

Research interests

Economics of disasters, flood and seismic risk assessment, spatial analysis, climate change and insurance.


Conference presentations

Marrero, J., Pastor, J., Erazo, C., Yepes, H., Palacios, P., Ramón, P., Estrella, C. “Metodología para la evaluación del impacto producido por el Terremoto de 7.8 del 16 de Abril de 2016” VIIIJornadas de Ciencias de la Tierra. Quito, 2017.

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Peered reviewed

Romero-Sandoval, N., Ortiz-Rico, C., Sánchez-Pérez, H. J., Valdivieso, D., Sandoval, C., Pastor, J., & Martín, M. (2017). Soil transmitted helminthiasis in indigenous groups. A community cross sectional study in the Amazonian southern border region of Ecuador. BMJ open, 7(3), e013626.

Institutional publications

Pastor, J. Geodatos y servicios de información geográfica para la gestión de riesgos: Estudio comparativo. Revista de Geodatos y Geociencias del Instituto Geográfico Militar, 2016. pp. 49-53.

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Working papers

Pastor, J., Noy, I. (2018) Flood risk and insurance in New Zealand: estimating potential future liabilities using past insurance claims.

Fleming, D., Noy, I., Pastor, J., Owen, S. (2018) The EQC and weather events in New Zealand

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