Prof Viv Hall

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Emeritus Professor School of Economics and Finance


Current research interests involve: (1) New Zealand, Australian and Pacific Rim business cycle analysis; (2) macroeconomic modelling and policy, with particular reference to monetary and fiscal policy, (3) growth and productivity analysis.


MCom (Hons) PhD Auck

Viv Hall's Curriculum Vitae

Recent research findings

  • For New Zealand's classical real GDP business cycles: 1947-2017.
  • Hall McDermott quarterly real GDP series: 1947-2017.
  • 'On trend robustness and end-point issues for New Zealand's stylised business cycle facts' (with Peter Thomson and Stuart McKelvie), SEF Working Paper 12/2014, December 2014.


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Working and other papers

  • 'Submission to the New Zealand House of Representatives' Finance and Expenditure Committee - Inquiry into the future monetary policy framework', July 2007, 6, available from pdf300KB here.
  • 'The Ups and Downs of New Zealand House Prices' (with C John McDermott and James Tremewan), Motu Working Papers 06-03, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, July 2006, available from here.
  • 'An Australasian currency, New Zealand adopting the US dollar, or an independent monetary policy?', Australian Conference of Economists (refereed Conference Paper), Melbourne, September 2005, published in the Conference Proceedings (ISBN 07340 26080), available as CAMA Working Paper 21/2005, October 2005, from pdf300KB here.
  • 'Central Bank Governance: Common Elements or Different Models?', Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research Working Paper No. 20/2003, October 2003, available from pdf350KB here; revised as VUW School of Economics and Finance. Working Paper 2004/01, February 2004, available from aspf250KB here.