Dr Jan Feld

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Senior Lecturer School of Economics and Finance


Teaching in 2020

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BA Flensburg University, Germany
MSc PhD Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Research interests

Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Behavioral Economics


  • 'Estimating the relationship between skill and overconfidence' (with Andries de Grip and Jan Sauermann), Journal of Behavioural and Experimental Economics, 68 (2017), pp.18-24. Also available as a SEF working paper 05/2017
  • 'Endophilia or Exophobia: Beyond discrimination' (with Nicolás Salamanca and Daniel S. Hamermesh), The Economic Journal, 126 (2016), pp. 1503-1527. Also available as SWOPEC working paper No.593
  • 'A short note on discrimination and favoritism in the labor market' (with Nicolás Salamanca), B. E. Journal of Theoretical Economics,17, 1 (2017).
  • Also available as a SEF working paper 23/2016
  • 'Understanding peer effects: On the nature, estimation and channels of peer effects' (with Ulf Zölitz), Journal of Labor Economics, 35, 2 (2017), pp. 387-428.
  • Also available as a SEF working paper 14/2015


Teaching in 2020