Dr Harold Cuffe

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Senior Lecturer School of Economics and Finance

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BA Oregon State University, Corvallis
PhD University of Oregon, Eugene

Research interests

Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics, Consumer Credit, Education Economics, Health Economics, the Economics of Crime


  • 'The effect of payday lending restrictions on liquor sales' (with C. Gibbs), Journal of Banking and Finance,(2017), forthcoming.
  • 'Can  school sports reduce racial gaps in truancy and achievement?' (with W. Bignell and G. Waddell), Economic Inquiry, 55, 4, (2017), pp. 1966-1985.
  • 'Rain and museum attendance: Are daily data fine enough?', Journal of Cultural Economics, (2017), forthcoming.
  • 'Evidence on the efficacy of school-based incentives for healthy living' (with W. Harbaugh, J. Lindo, G. Musto, G. Waddell), Economics of Education Review, 31, 6 (2012), pp. 1028-1036.

Working papers

  • 'Financing crime? Evidence on the unintended effects of payday lending'
  • 'Evidence on the effects of high school athletics on daily school attendance' (with G. Waddell and W. Bignell)