Prof Eberhard Feess

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Professor of Economics School of Economics and Finance


Teaching in 2020


Dip Sociology; Dip Economics; PhD Sociology; Habilitation Economics, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt

Research interests

Law & economics, behavioral economics, experimental economics, competition policy, sports economics, health economics.

Most recent publications

  • 'Lying and Reciprocity' (with S. Dato and P. Nieken), Games & Economic Behavior (2019),
  • 'Competing Trade Mechanisms and Monotone Mechanism Choice' (with C. Grund, M. Walal and A. Wohlschlegel), European Journal of Operational Research (2019),
  • 'High-powered contracts, self-selection, and excessive risk taking in settings with externalities: Evidence from the laboratory' (with I. Soraperra, M. Reiser and Vittoria Levati), Economica (2019),
  • 'Negotiating with terrorists: The cost of compliance' (with K-P. Arin, T. Kuhlenkasper and O. Reich), Southern Economic Journal (2019),
  • 'Behavioral red flags and loss sizes from asset misappropriation: Evidence from the US' (with Yuriy Timofeyev), Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research (2019), forthcoming.
  • 'Reimbursement schemes for hospitals: The impact of case and firm characteristics' (with Helge Mueller and Ansgar Wohlschlegel), Applied Economics, forthcoming.
  • 'Lying opportunities and incentives to lie: Reference dependence versus reputation' (with Florian Kerzenmacher), Games & Economic Behavior (2018), forthcoming.
  • 'Judicial effort and the appeal system: Theory and experiment' (with Roee Sarel), The Journal of Legal Studies, forthcoming.
  • 'Bank capital requirements and mandatory deferral of compensation' (with Ansgar Wohlschlegel), Journal of Regulatory Economics (2018),
  • 'The impact of fine size and uncertainty on punishment and deterrence: Theory and evidence from the laboratory' (with Hannah Schildberg-Hoerisch, Markus Schramm and Ansgar Wohlschlegel), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 149 (2018), pp. 58-73.
  • 'Moral hazard, risk sharing, and the optimal pool size' (with Frauke von Bieberstein, José F. Fernando, Florian Kerzenmacher and Jörg Schiller), The Journal of Risk and Insurance (2017), DOI: 10.1111/jori.1221.
  • 'Do capitation-based reimbursement systems underfund tertiary healthcare providers? Evidence from New Zealand (with Somi Shin, and Christoph Schumacher, Health Economics (2017),
  • 'Ability, team composition, and moral hazard: Evidence from the laboratory' (with D. Doll, and A. Mohnen), Schmalenbach Business Review, 18, 1 (2017), pp. 49-70.
  • 'Academic copyright in the publishing game: A contest perspective' (with M. Scheufen), European Journal of Law and Economics, 42, 2(2016), pp. 263-294.
  • 'Estimating risk preferences of bettors with different bet sizes' (with H. Müller and C. Schumacher), European Journal of Operational Research, 249, 3 (2016), pp. 1102-1112.
  • 'Fixed fee licensing for cost-reducing technologies: Should innovators reveal their private information?' (with S. Gleave), Review of Managerial Science, 10, 4 (2016), pp. 781-799.
  • 'The impact of ability, rank and gender on risk-taking in contests: Evidence from the Ski World Cup' (with P. Jost, and H. Müller), Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 172, 4 (2016), pp. 573-614.

Other Prestigious Articles

  • 'Competition, bonuses, and risk-taking in the banking industry' (with C. Bannier, and N. Packham), Review of Finance 17, 2 (2013), pp. 653-690.
  • 'The Basel accord and the value of bank differentiation' (with U. Hege), Review of Finance, 16, 4(2012), pp. 1043-1092.
  • 'Screening in courts: On the joint use of negligence and causation standards' (with G. Muehlheusser, and A. Wohlschlegel, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 27, 2 (2011), pp. 350-375.
  • 'Why are corrupt countries less successful in consolidating their budgets?' (with P. Arin, V. Chmelarova, A. Wohlschlegel), Journal of Public Economics 95, 7/8 (2011), pp. 521-530.
  • 'Transfer fee regulations in European football' (with G Muehlheusser), ,European Economic Review,47, 4 (2003), pp. 645-668.


Teaching in 2020