Michele Governale

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Professor of Physics School of Chemical and Physical Sciences


Teaching in 2020

Research interests

I am a condensed-matter theorist and my research activity pertains to the theory of quantum transport in nanostructures. Nanostructures are very intriguing from a solid-state physicist’s perspective due to quantum effects, reduced dimensionality, electron-electron interactions, and the possibility of tuning their properties. From an applied point of view, the study of the basic electronic properties of nanostructured systems is a prerequisite for nanoelectronics – a current area of intense research where the key aim is to design new devices with dimensions in the nanometre range.

My ongoing research topics are

  • time-dependent transport phenomena (electron pumping)
  • hybrid superconducting-normal structures comprising quantum dots
  • spin-dependent transport (spin-orbit coupling effects, spin pumping)
  • noise and full-counting statistics.

I have strong research links with researchers in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

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Teaching in 2020