Michael Price

Teaching in 2020

Research Interests

Ultrafast spectroscopy of new and solution-processable semiconductors for optoelectronic applications.

My key research interests lie in better understanding the processes that occur inside different semiconductor materials when light is shone on them, or electric current applied to them. This understanding hopefully leads to cheaper and more efficient solar cells, light emitting diodes and lasers. I have worked a lot on the photophysics of lead halide perovskites, as well as more recently studying excitonic energy migration in conjugated polymer nanofibers.

Currently I am looking into the properties of hybrid interfaces of two dimensional van der Waals materials with either inorganic quantum dots or semiconducting organic materials.


Dr Michael Price grew up in Timaru, New Zealand. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Otago, and University of California Berkeley, before doing his PhD under Professor Sir Richard Friend in the Optoelectronics group at the University of Cambridge. His PhD research focused on the optical properties of lead halide perovskites. He worked for the non-governmental organisation, The Smart Villages Initiative, looking at improving energy access in rural areas in developing countries, before doing a Postdoc in Cambridge on conjugated polymer nanostructure photophysics. He is now a Rutherford Postdoctoral Fellow at Victoria University of Wellington in the ultrafast spectroscopy group.

Teaching in 2020