Joanne Harvey

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Associate Professor School of Chemical and Physical Sciences


Teaching in 2020

Research interests

Organic chemistry, synthesis, carbohydrates, cyclopropanes, macrocycles, organometallic chemistry for organic synthesis

Total synthesis and synthesis of natural product analogues

The synthesis of natural products is important, as these compounds are often scarce due to the rarity of their host organisms or difficulties in extraction. In cases where the natural products have potentially interesting pharmacological activities, the ability to prepare them in the lab is crucial.

Synthetic work is also valuable because it opens up the possibility of making analogues of the natural products, which may themselves have biological activity that can be tuned to provide better medications.

Particular interests lie in the preparation of macrocyclic compounds, and those derivable from carbohydrate precursors.

Synthetic methodology

New chemical methodology that arises from synthetic routes to natural products and their analogues will be further investigated. Current projects involve organometallic reactions of carbohydrate-derived species.

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Teaching in 2020