Eva Anton

Teaching in 2020

Research Interests

Internet usage, video streaming and cloud computing cause a rapidly growing demand for data storage and processing. Giant data centers are being built around the world, and their enormous power consumption has an increasing negative environmental impact. Eva’s research aims to develop computer memories that operate at the ultra-low temperatures required by more energy efficient, faster superconducting computers to pave the way for a sustainable growth of our digital resources.

Eva uses the ultra-high vacuum method molecular beam epitaxy to prepare nanometer thick multilayers of magnetic semiconductors. She studies the magnetic properties of these rare-earth nitride stacks with SQUID magnetometry and synchrotron methods. Using magnetic fields and special spin-polarised currents, these devices can be switched between different states of resistance, forming the basis for magnetic memory devices operating at extremely low temperatures.


Dr. Eva Anton completed her PhD on lead-free piezoceramics at Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany before a Postdoctoral Fellowship of the Alexander-von-Humboldt foundation brought her to Victoria University of Wellington. There she worked with Profs. Ben Ruck and Joe Trodahl on rare-earth nitride ferromagnetic semiconductors. After a 2-year Postdoctoral Fellowship at KU Leuven, Belgium, Eva returned to Wellington to join Ben Ruck’s spintronics group and work on magnetic memory devices for superconducting computing.

Recent Publications

E.-M. Anton, S. Granville, A. Engel, S.V. Chong, M. Governale, U. Zülicke, A. G. Moghaddam,

H. J. Trodahl, F. Natali, S. Vézian, and B. J. Ruck, “Superconductivity in the ferromagnetic semiconductor SmN,” Phys. Rev. B 94, 024106 (2016) (Editors' Suggestion)

E.-M. Anton, J. F. McNulty, B. J. Ruck , M. Suzuki, M. Mizumaki, V. N. Antonov, J. W. Quilty, N. Strickland, and H. J. Trodahl, “NdN: An intrinsic ferromagnetic semiconductor,” Phys. Rev. B93, 064431 (2016)

J. F. McNulty, E.-M. Anton, B. J. Ruck, F. Natali, H. Warring, F. Wilhelm, A. Rogalev, M.Medeiros Soares, N. B. Brookes, and H. J. Trodahl, “Twisted phase of the orbital-dominantferromagnet SmN in GdN/SmN heterostructures,” Phys. Rev. B 91, 174426 (2015)


B. J. Ruck, H. J. Trodahl, E.-M. Anton, F. Natali, J. F. McNulty, S. Granville: Magnetic Materialsand Devices Comprising Rare-Earth Nitrides (NZ patent no 623343, 2014)

J. Rödel, W. Jo., E.-M. Anton, R. Dittmer, J. Zang, M. Acosta: Dielectric ceramic material and use of a dielectric component made of the material (German patent no 310 027 DE, 2011)

Teaching in 2020