Sam Duffy

Sam is a BSc student in Psychology and is a member of the Students’ Psychology Society.

Sam Duffy

BSc student in Psychology

After considering countless possible career paths, Sam almost naturally became settled on something that centred on people.

“Psychology wasn’t offered at my high school, so the closest I could get was biology, and specifically genetics. Within two weeks of my first year I changed to Psychology and picked up biology papers along the way.

“With a history of mental illness in my family my studies have helped me to not only gain an education, but an education in something that I am passionate about and is so relevant to my life.”

Flexibility in his first year helped Sam get a peek into to the different fields within Psychology. “It was great to get a taste of everything before building on that in second year and specialising in third year. In my case I decided I wanted to take almost every third year paper.”

Sam is an Executive member of the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Psychology Society, a volunteer note-taker, class and student representative and has been a Campus Coach.

Sam, who grew up in Nelson, received a Victoria Achiever’s Scholarship which he says was invaluable. “Without the scholarship I would have struggled financially, especially in the first year when you need stability in a new city and environment.

“I couldn’t imagine studying and living anywhere else. Everything you need is within walking distance—it’s bigger than most people’s hometowns but not so big that everyone is a strange face.”