Michelle Porter

Michelle is a MSc student in mathematics and loves to solve problems.

Michelle Porter

MSc student in mathematics

Michelle’s passion for problem solving inspired her to enrol to for postgraduate study.

“I’ve always been interested in Mathematics and love to solve problems. It seemed like studying mathematics with some application to the real world was the best choice for me”, she says. “At a postgraduate level I found the problems to be challenging and satisfying.”

Her main area of research is Computability Theory. "It’s really interesting discovering more about computational power, and what we can feasibly solve. Even if something exists, it’s a different question whether or not we can actually locate it”, she says.

Michelle, whose study is supervised by Professor Rod Downey and Dr Adam Day, says it’s great having access to such knowledgeable supervisors. “They are easy to talk to and I always take a lot away from our discussions. I think it’s easy to forget how lucky we are to be able to work with leading researchers in the area.”

Michelle, who received a Victoria Master’s Scholarship to support her study, appreciates the opportunities Victoria University of Wellington has offered her. “The programmes I chose were certainly challenging, but a qualification you can be really proud of is worth it.”