Andrew Preston

Andrew Preston holds a PhD in Physics from Victoria University of Wellington and carried out postdoctoral research at Boston University.

Andrew Preston

PhD in Physics

After receiving his PhD in Physics from Victoria University of Wellington in 2010 and carrying out postdoctoral research at Boston University, Andrew began a start-up company called Publons.

“Publons is an online platform that aims to improve all of science by improving the peer review process and using it to reduce our reliance on journal impact factors”, says Andrew. “So in a way it’s a direct result of what I learned about the research process during my PhD and subsequent postdoc.”

Andrew, who completed all of his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Victoria University of Wellington, grew up wanting to understand how the world works.

“For me it was always about understanding things rather than studying for a particular profession”, he says. “I found that each year got better, and really enjoyed the honours programme. It’s the point where you dig into really interesting topics and get to know both your fellow students and professors really well.”

In the future, Andrew hopes to continue to grow his business. “Publons now has about 40 thousand researchers getting credit for their peer review; my hope is that we can grow that by an order of magnitude in the next few years. We’ve just opened an office in London in order to partner with major scientific publishers and I’m really looking forward to seeing where that takes us.”