Aleksa Djorovic

Aleksa Djorovic is a BSc student in Physics and Chemistry and a member of the Halpert Research group.

BSc student in Physics and Chemistry

As a member of the Halpert Research group since his first year, Aleksa has relished the opportunity to see what it means to be a scientist.

“The Halpert group conducts research on nanostructured materials and makes optical and electronic devices based on them. It has been an amazing experience. The research is broad and interdisciplinary so I can already see the benefits of my degree.”

Aleksa’s double major in Physics and Chemistry provides him two perspectives. “This degree gives me the mathematical and formalistic approach of Physics alongside the solid hands-on laboratory approach of Chemistry.”

Victoria’s Science programme is exactly what he was hoping it would be, says Aleksa.

“It’s a place of state-of-the-art fundamental research, fully equipped laboratories, lecturers that are experts in their fields and an environment which nurtures the scientists-to-be.”

Serbian-born Aleksa describes Wellington as “a true international city”.

“This has made the transition from a European metropolis that much easier. The vibrant and multi-cultural nature of the city centre gives you for a worldly experience just a 10 minute walk from campus.”

Aleksa, who demonstrates in first year laboratories, plans to pursue a career in academia. “It is extremely rewarding and has given me an insight into the teaching life. I plan to do further study, lecture at a university level and continue my research.”