Hayley Stirling

Hayley's passion for the world of statistics and data science inspired her to enrol in a Master of Applied Statistics.

Hayley looks into the camera wearing a brown jacket.

The programme helped her advance her skills in data wrangling, statistical modelling, and data visualisation, and gain valuable experience using different programming languages such as R.

Hayley’s research investigated the factors that have an impact on opportunities and barriers to success in the New Zealand music industry. She played a critical role in developing the methodology behind the research as well as collecting the data and visualising the results.

“The research provided a detailed profile of New Zealand songwriters for the first time. It also found particular sub-groups of artists were, statistically, significantly more likely than others to feel satisfied with their music careers and identified common barriers to working in the industry.”

Hayley’s supervisor, Professor Richard Arnold, was an important aspect of her research, providing her with meaningful advice without interfering with the overall vision of her investigation.

“Richard has a wealth of experience and was always willing to share his knowledge or act as a sounding board for my research.”

Since completing her Master’s degree, Hayley has taken an adviser position in the data and statistics team at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. She leads a team responsible for the collection, governance, analysis, and dissemination of financial sector statistics. Hayley is applying some of the skills she has learnt in her Master’s study to her role at the bank.

“I have already started exploring the use of predictive models on some of our survey data, which directly relates to knowledge acquired in some of my Master’s courses.”