Anton Sveding

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The making of a ‘forest conscious’ public in New Zealand, 1920-1934

Supervisor: Jim McAloon

Secondary supervisor: James Beattie

PhD Student History & Centre for Science in Society


Anton holds a BA and MA in History of Science and Ideas from Uppsala University, Sweden. He is currently in his second year of his PhD. His thesis examines how the New Zealand State Forest Service sought to educate the public about the importance of forestry in order to prevent economic and environmental disasters during the interwar period.


  • BA in History of Science and Ideas
  • MA in History of Science and Ideas

Research interests

Environmental history, history of science


Sveding, A. (2019) ‘Providing guideline principles: Botany and ecology within the State Forest Service of New Zealand during the 1920s’, International Review of Environmental History, 5, no 1, 113-128.