PhD candidates

The Centre for Science in Society is open to PhD candidates from a range of disciplines who are interested in projects of relevance to science in society.

If you are a qualified graduate, and are interested in doing a PhD with our group, please get in touch.

More information on undertaking a PhD at Victoria University of Wellington (including enrolments and available funding) can be found through the Wellington Faculty of Graduate Research.

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To find out more, or if you're interested in doing a PhD with Science in Society, contact:

Senior Lecturer
Centre for Science in Society

Our PhD students

Jo Bailey profile-picture photograph

Jo Bailey

Engagement by Design, Engagement Through Design; Design approaches to foster reflexive science communication

Supervisor: Rhian Salmon

Secondary supervisor: Rebecca Priestley

Kate Hannah profile-picture photograph

Kate Hannah

Hidden networks: feminist historiographies of the history of science in Aotearoa New Zealand

Supervisor: Rebecca Priestley

Secondary supervisor: Kate Hunter

Kassy Hayden profile-picture photograph

Kassy Hayden

Reimagining strategic communications practice for a better world

Supervisor: Rhian Salmon

Secondary supervisor: Rebecca Priestley

Zoë Heine profile-picture photograph

Zoë Heine

How can narrative be used to develop effective public engagement with sea-level rise?

Supervisor: Rebecca Priestley

Laura Kranz profile-picture photograph

Laura Kranz

The role of emotion in science communication

Supervisor: Gina Grimshaw

Secondary supervisor: Rhian Salmon

Hana Maihi profile-picture photograph

Hana Maihi

He Mata Huna o te Kahu o te Ao, The hidden face of the woven Universe

Supervisor: Pauline Harris

Secondary supervisor: Rebecca Priestley

Jingwei Qiu profile-picture photograph

Jingwei Qiu

Sociotechnical imaginaries of human futures in space

Supervisor: Tim Corballis

Anton Sveding profile-picture photograph

Anton Sveding

The making of a ‘forest conscious’ public in New Zealand, 1920-1934

Supervisor: Jim McAloon

Secondary supervisor: James Beattie