Courses about Latin America

There are a number of courses available for students with an interest in Latin America.

An introduction to ideas, strategies and impacts of development from a global and geographical perspective. The course focuses on the concept of development and analyses the spatial pattern of global inequality. Processes of change in East Asia, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and Africa are compared and analysed.

An analysis of the nature and impacts of globalisation from a geographical perspective. This course questions the concept of globalisation and focuses on the economic, cultural and environmental implications of the process in both developed and developing countries.

A study of late Medieval Europe and the world during the time of Christopher Columbus, and the historical processes set in motion by his four voyages to the Americas.

An introduction to the history, society and cultures of Spain and the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America (taught in English).

This course presents a range of key cultural and socio-political discourses that have forged the diverse national identities of contemporary Latin America.

This course explores national identities and cultures in the Hispanic world through a range of cultural works produced in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.