Online course a highlight for BSc student

Lorraine Taylor recently completed her Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology and a minor in Science in Society. With a particular interest in “how people tick” she originally intended to focus completely on her Psychology major, but found the option to study a number of Science and Society online courses too good to pass up.

Lorraine Taylor

“There weren’t many online or summer options for the programme I was doing, and I wanted to study as efficiently as I could in a part time capacity, juggling work and family commitments as well.

“One summer the Science in Society course SCIS 211 Contemporary Issues in Science, Environment and Technology became available. I knew it would be interesting, and it was online and offered over summer—which suited my circumstances.”

As it turned out, this course not only introduced Lorraine to online learning, but also became a highlight of her whole degree.

“This course was my favourite for a number of reasons. The format was excellent and utilised pre-recorded video lectures, discussion forums, tests, essays, and also creative blogs. This allowed me to use a range of skills, while the variety in content brought many of my academic interests together—science, human behaviour, communications and politics.”

“The course was taught by a range of experts and with different viewpoints, and no particular issue was presented as the only truth. Each issue was dealt with as varied as it is in the real world, and there was a real focus on critical thinking.”

Lorraine says that the key to getting the most out of her online courses was to be organised, and to create time where she was able to focus completely on her studies.

“Make a plan, a checklist, timetable, whatever works for you—ensure you consider all your work and family commitments and carve out the time to attend to your study, and don’t procrastinate!”

Lorraine found online study much more convenient as she was able to completely customise her timetable and fit in everything in her life.

“I was able to study at times that suited me, and be time efficient due to reduced travel. I also found participating in online forums so much easier than in lecture theatres or tutorials.”