Prize details

Holmes Prize in Public Policy


$1,000 (subject to available funds)

Closing date:

No application required


This prize is awarded for the best research paper or thesis of 30 points or more in the Master of Public Policy, Master of Public Management, or Master of Strategic Studies programmes on an issue of public policy or public management of importance to New Zealand. All papers/theses must have been completed in the 12 months prior to the award.


This prize was established via the Victoria University Foundation in honour of the late Sir Frank Holmes, Professor of Economics and founder of the Institute of Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington.

The judges will be the Head of School of Government, Programme Directors, and the Director Institute of Governance and Policy Studies. The prize may be shared with more than one recipient. If no paper/thesis is regarded as worthy of selection in any one year, the funds will be held over for subsequent years.

The winner of the prize must agree to the School of Government having the right to publish all or part of the winning research paper or thesis, subject to the School's publishing policies.

The recipient will be asked to write a letter of thanks, which will be forwarded appropriately.