Prize details

John Miller Awards in Social Justice & Community Development


$1,000 each to two students

Closing date:

Candidates cannot apply for this award; they must be nominated. There are no limitations on who may nominate a candidate. Nominations must be made by 15 October each year.

Nominations forms must be submitted to Allison Kay, Senior School Administrator, Faculty of Law (


The award is offered to one undergraduate and one postgraduate student. Eligible students must be enrolled at Victoria University of Wellington.

No person may receive the award more than once (at either undergraduate level or postgraduate level, or both).


The John Miller Awards in Social Justice and Community Development are funded via the Victoria University Foundation by John Miller, former Senior Lecturer in Law at Victoria and leading ACC law expert.

The awards aims to:

  • Recognise the provision of leadership in significant practical or theoretical contributions to social justice and/or community development by a Victoria University undergraduate law student and a Victoria University postgraduate law student.
  • Recognise and promote the spirit of social responsibility amongst future lawyers and legal professionals.
  • Recognise and promote the public function of the law and legal study.
  • Recognise and promote a body of research into the issues of social justice and community development.

The awards will be decided each year by a Judging Panel of five people nominated annually by the Dean of Law. At least one of those five must be a member of the Law Faculty. The Judging Panel will be chaired by the member of the Law Faculty. In considering nominations, the Judging Panel will note the aims the Awards are designed to achieve, as listed above. The award will not be made if there are no nominations, or if the Judging Panel does not consider that any of the nominees merit the award.

Further, the Judging Panel will note that:

  • The nominee's contribution may or may not be directly related to the study of law.
  • The nominee's academic record is only partially relevant to the bestowing of the award.

Recipients will be asked to write a letter of appreciation which will be forwarded appropriately. Recipients are encouraged to use the money to buy a book or books.

The Law Faculty will pay $250 to a charity or community organisation of the award-winner's choice.