Prize details

Brave Use of Colour Award


$250 (subject to available funds) and artists colour set

Closing date:

No application requried


To be eligible for this award, students must be enrolled in an Interior Architecture studio course at Victoria University of Wellington. Any project from INTA 211, INTA 212, INTA 311, INTA 312, INTA 411, and INTA 412 will be considered. The chosen project will demonstrate a brave use of colour, show use of colour that promotes wellbeing, and demonstrate a transformative use of colour.


This award was established to promote the use of colour and sustainable products in interior architecture and the benefits of considering the wellbeing of people while designing interior spaces. Aligning with the Victoria University of Wellington's value of sustainability, Natural Paint Co was approached as a way to help. The award is funded by Natural Paint Co.

One project from each Interior Architecture studio will be nominated by each course coordinator based on above criteria, and then a winner will be selected by the Programme Director in consultation with Natural Paint Co.

Students are asked to write a letter of thanks to the donor.