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Florance Prize


approx. $400 book and cash subject to available funds

Closing date:

No application required


This prize is in memory of D C H Florance, Professor of Physics 1923-51, from a gift by his widow Mrs Bertha Florance.
It is awarded to the best student in 300-level Physics who enrols the following year for Honours degree in Physics.


This prize is awarded in memory of D C H Florance, Professor of Physics 1923-51, and arises from a gift to the University in 1976 by his widow, Mrs Bertha Florance, for the establishment of an annual prize in advanced physics.

1. The prize shall be known as the Florance Prize.

2. The prize shall be awarded annually by the Academic Board to a student enrolled in a course for an Honours degree in Physics at this University. The student shall, in the judgement of the Head of the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences be worthy of the award and be the Honours student who had the best achievement in work at the 300-level in Physics at this University in the previous year.

3. The value of the prize in any year shall be determined by the Vice-Chancellor.

4. Part of the prize money shall be spent on a book, or books.

5. If in any year the income from the fund or any part thereof is not expended, it shall be added to the fund.