Field trips

All University-related field trips for research or teaching must follow the instructions below.

Hazard assessment

The trip leader must complete a hazard assessment before any trip to identify and mitigate risks associated with any potential hazards. Trip leaders should complete and/or review this form with:

  • Their supervisor(s)
  • Any others who might provide useful advice.

When all parties are satisfied, the supervisor and trip leader should each maintain signed copies of the hazard assessment document in their files.

A single hazard assessment can be prepared to cover a range of field trips and activities associated with a given project (eg: covering all the planned field activities of a postgraduate student research project, or all field trips for a given class), though the assessment needs be specific to hazards of particular locations and/or activities.

Should plans, locations, or identified hazards change, a new hazard assessment should be completed, and this should again be reviewed, signed and filed as either an addendum or a replacement to an existing document.

Download Hazard Assessment Document

Trip details

A trip details form must be completed prior to any trip. These forms collect information specific to a particular field trip, and ensure appropriate processes and information is collected to facilitate an effective search and rescue response, for example.

The information is stored in a database, accessible by School administrators. Printer-friendly versions of completed trip details forms can be sent to trip participants, supervisors, etc.

Enter the online Marine Trip Details Form

Enter the online Terrestrial Trip Details Form